Blog: Floral Artistry

This blog is to inspire couples by showing you how past couples have used floral artistry in their weddings with the images below.  


I see many couples posting questions into Facebook with regards to tradition. Your wedding day is about you- not tradition. Unless of course you're all about tradition. Then it should be about tradition. 


How important is floristry in weddings? I say very important for visual impact and expression of who you are as a couple. Compare weddings in general with floristry versus those without- it's clear to see those with gorgeous floristry adds another creative dimension to your wedding altogether. 


In saying that, if floristry or nature does not represent you as a couple, then it would be appropriate to discard the idea. 


Personally, I believe any form of nature represents the rawness and beauty of life: the yin and the yang. The masculine and the feminine. 


So- when asking the question; "What flowers should I have at my wedding? Should I have a boquet?" choose something that describes you as a person or couple. If you are still struggling, flowers have a hypnotic effect such as bringing to surface a memory of a person that you associate with flowers or nature in general. That there has a personal connection and meaning for you- start with that and go from there. 


The fantastic news is that these days we have so many creative options for brides when it comes to floristry at their wedding- and there will never be any shortage of ideas and options.