What is a family session like with LA Photography?

At the bottom of this page you will see a live video which includes:

~ Some of Claudia's makeover

~ You will see Jess in her preview of the images and most of all;

~ A wonderful video verbal testimony from Jess.

Jess and her children make up a family of very talented dancers. Preparation ahead of time is what makes a studio session more successful. Although my studio space can fit a large group, I am unable to accomodate for 4 dancers to be actually dancing in my studio. 

We therefore focused on achieving beautiful still images of Jess and her children.


Claudia, the eldest daughter has actually been selected to be in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

Makeup and children:

Mum's sometimes question about using makeup on children in portraits. Makeup is used on children for the exactly the same reason as makeup is used on adults in portraits. Namely to achieve a look. Makeup in photography has different needs than makeup in general day to day wear. 

Children love the chance to have their makeup done and some mum's tell me their girls say they want to look "just like them". 

More of the emphasis is placed on hair and my wonderful makeup artist assists me in making sure hair won't need too much retouching due to stray hairs in the images. 

What is a family session like with LA Photography?