Family portraits: A Day at the Beach

Sometimes.... the mum is mum and dad and the dad is dad and mum. This is a family unit I can absolutely identify with. When mum passed, I saw the 2 challenges dad had: 1/ Learning to be a father again upon retiring. By that I mean his work often had him travelling overseas.



All of a sudden he was left with 2 daughters he didn't know very well- and we didn't know him very well. It was the time in my life I finally got to know my father again and it is one of the times I am the most grateful in my life.



2/ He had a dual role to fulfill now: being the mum and the dad. This was pretty awkward at times for all 3 of us! However, we fumbled through this stage in our lives with many, many mistakes on all of our parts. We were learning though- and I think in the end we got there. The first Christmas was the most heart breaking as we learned to endure Christmas as a family unit of a different kind.



This is a challenge I see many single fathers working through, and sticking by their children as they do. At LA Photography, I work with family units of all kinds and it's safe to say the traditional family no longer exists. It does not however make it any less meaningful as long as the love is there. Mothers Day is approaching and for many men, this is their day as they carry out this role.



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