"I'm too old..." is a reason I hear from women as to why they shouldn't be photographed. Let's look at this for a moment. I'm too old? According to who? I love Louise Hay's quote "I am the perfect age for me".

What we are really saying when we say this is; "I feel fearful, vulnerable and weak in some way. I will use my age to hide behind". For others it's our weight we use as the obstacle preventing ourselves to exist in photographs.

At LA Photography we Celebrate women of ALL ages. Who can believe that Eveline is a strong and powerful women at 52. This woman and her husband has been renovating their home, and this woman even uses a jack hammer! When she told me that I had to meet her.

We need to recognise the beauty within age. As we age we also become wise. A woman who knows her own wisdom is one who is truly beautiful. She knows herself inside and out. This wisdom as with Eveline is projected from within as far as the eye can see. Certainty fills her now because she has experienced enough of life to start truly living Life on her terms. She just needs her clear vision to follow.

I look back to myself in my twenties and yes although I would love to have my figure I used to, I was filled with so much fear, uncertainty and an element of naivity. Ironically, I often feel I look younger as I am now than I did when I was in my twenties. I am in my early fourties, and I know I am often mistaken for someone who is in their twenties. 

I truly live by the saying "We are only as young as we feel". I believe my conscious choice to be young at heart and who consistently works on personal development contributes to my looking up to 20 years younger than I am. 

At LA Photography, you are invited to discover a new you. What I love about my work is showing women how to fall inlove with themselves either for the first time ever, or the first time in a long time. I see it time and time again. 

There is something Youthful about self discovery. Once you become connected to yourself by discovering who you really are, there is no undoing that. It is liberating and freeing.


Contact me to find out how I can show you the part of you that is letting you know you are missing. You know you can gently hear it calling to you, waiting for you to embrace the voice within to give rise to the new you. Email me now at: laine@laphotographygc.com for more information. I would love to see how I can assist you.