The Etihad 380 Experience

On my way to London, I had the honour of experiencing The Etihad experience which included travelling in the famous 380 plane. I was able to enjoy The Residence whilst doing so. To say it was the most incredible luxurious experience is an under statement. 

My company is a very unique model of photography service that I offer clients: A luxury boutique model. This model is more common in America, and I know that some people are a bit confused by it. That is, until they come and see what the difference is themselves. 

How this applies to my deciding to travel Etihad is in offering this model that I am to clients, I have accepted there is still more that I need to learn about luxury models of business. 

Where else would you turn to but Etihad to have that luxurious experience that I want my clients to enjoy when they come to LA Photography.

Why luxury?


I will answer that question with a question: why not?

I only need to refer to the clients who come to me because they thought that a "cheap photography service" would bring the same results because after all isn't photography just photography?

I only need to mention the results my clients were having with their product when I first started in comparison to the complete service I now offer clients which includes all products professionally printed. 


The product I offer clients is not however just in the prints. It's in the entire experience: somewhat like Etihad. 


The luxury as offered by Etihad is not just with the luxurious layout of the plane, or the porceline dinner wear or the brands of toiletries offered to passengers. The luxurious service also extends to the way the staff treat their passengers where they treat you more like friends. They actually take the time to get to know you, to introduce themselves to you and it is a completely personalised experienced. 


You feel as if you are truly catered for in every single aspect. There is nothing you need to ask for. 


In this Blog I have 2 aspects to cover: Etihad's First Class experience and The Residence on the 380 plane as I had a stop over in Au Dhabai. The 380 only travels between a few destinations including London and New York. My first flight was therefor approximately 12.5 hours between Brisbane and Au Dhabai, and my second flight was approximately 6.5 hours between Au Dhabai and London. 


If you do a lot of travelling like I do, you'll notice the one thing that you feel should you travel in economy: plain exhaustion. This is even if you were lucky enough to have sleep. You feel cramped and you feel tired. 

Whether you travel business or in first class in Etihad, you will be able to experience the signature bed turn down service. You get to be flying in the sky as if you have your own bed in the sky. It's very comfortable also and the blanket was very plush. It meant I got to watch a movie, and then spend the remainder of my flight asleep. In fact I slept so soundly I didn't wake up until we were preparing for landing. I then had to rush and get changed from the provided and very comfortable Etihad pajamas into my clothing. 

The meals were superb. I only wished I hadn't fallen asleep when I did because then I could have enjoyed more of it- so I made up for that the next morning. To be relaxing in "bed" with a dining table set up with porcelin dinner wear all set out for you whilst watching a great movie was just something else.