Why shoot in the Golden Hour when on location

There are many reasons why it is said that THE GOLDEN HOUR is the preferred hour of shooting. One of those many reasons is the sun is low and spreads in more of a soft direction as opposed to the harsh contrast nature of a midday sun- especially in Summer!


During a strong Summer day, the harsh shadows and highlights end up competing with each other instead of working together in perfect balance. This is far from ideal and most of all definitely not flattering for anyone of any age creating an extremely flat look in faces. 

In the following video, you will see a couple of examples of what happens when we shoot in harsh sun. You will see an unpleasant mix of harsh shadows and blown highlights and how this takes away from what could have been an otherwise beautiful image. 

As your photographer, I am here to strive for excellence in quality.


My being able to do so partially relies on your trust in my skills as a professional photographer. I simply ask that you take on my advice on the conditions needed to achieve your desired result. 

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