Dance portraits- A $1,000 gift voucher for you


My name is Laine Allen and I have been a professional photographer for 13 years. 

I am a Multi International award winning photographer and I am also a fully Accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. 

I am excited as the studio is about to re- open on the 21st July. I have spent the last few years focusing on my work taking it overseas. 

Meet Nicole who is a professional Scottish International dancer who I photographed both in Edinburgh and the breath taking Glen Coe!


How to be eligible for the $1,000 Dance Portraits

Growing up, my mum put me into every single club you could think of except for dance. Mind you as a teen she did find us some Hip Hop dancing. I definitely wasn't good but I loved it!


Looking back, I think she did this so we could experience as much of life as possible so we could find what we loved and what we would excel at.

I'll never forget when my Grandmother introduced us to Ballet. Our first performance we saw was The Nutcracker, and I cannot explain how it affected me.


Perhaps if you are a Ballet dancer, you would have innate knowledge of how it affects you on a cellular level.

Therefore, when I was introduced to dance portraits it is something I would love to offer more of. 

I am offering these gift vouchers to assist in expanding in my Dance portfolio. You are eligible whether you are a Ballet dance, Hip Hop, Ballet dancer and so on. In fact the more I can introduce the better. 


These sessions are open to dancers of all ages- adult & children. 

Both adults & children (men & women) will be offered makeup & hair styling by a professional Makeup Artist for the first 5 dancers who apply. 

The sessions will be available from the 21st July when LA Photography re- opens. 

You will have a balance of $650 to put towards portraits as you please!


I may not be an experienced photographer of dance portraits, but what I do know is this;

I understand for dancers precision is everything. 

As such, before I publish any images used in your sessions I will ensure everything is posed as it needs to be from the hands to feet to your stance. 

I will be relying on communication with you to help me achieve the perfection you need.

For bookings & enquiries:

For further enquiries about Dance Portraits with LA Photography, email Laine here:

** This offer is available for 5 dancers only **

Your $1,000 voucher includes:

~ $350 session fee (which would include the cost for a Makeup Artist).

~ You will have a balance of $650 to spend towards your portraits. There is absolutely no obligation for additional purchases. 

~ Once we have made your booking, I will forward you images I am aspiring to have in my gallery of works to ensure we are a good fit for this project.  

Once these spots have been filled, there will still be $1,000 gift vouchers available.


However, dancers who apply for the next spots will be required to pay $165 for the Makeup Artists.

For these dancers, the gift voucher will cover the same inclusions for the first 5 dancers.


Justina, Lithuania

The process of Portraits

The process of all portraits at LA Photography is straight forward and fun. 

To learn about the process of all portraits click HERE where you will see behind the scene footage to see just how easy it is!

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Phone: 0424 956 826