Cat's dance at the Paris Louvre Pyramid's

Within a day of my arrival in Paris, I immediately regretted not organising additional time in the beautiful city. Paris should be especially admired at night. 

When we're talking Dream Destinations, we need to savour these experiences and enjoy them to the full potential that we can. 

I tried to do Paris in 4 days which was impossible. Namely because by the time I was in Paris, I had been travelling through Europe for just over a month. By then I was quite exhausted, and the need for rest took over rather than the time for sight seeing.

In 4 days I had 2 shoots to do, but I absolutely loved them. Was it worth the hustle and bustle of getting them organised despite by then my clothes hadn't been washed for 3 weeks and I was overly tired?


Cat has an interesting story and I absolutely loved working with this beautiful lady. 

At the start of Cat's photo session, I could see her expression wasn't relaxing. Physically she was moving into the role of her dancer with ease, but her eyes told me something was holding her back. 

As a photographer, it is my role to ensure the comfort of my clients. If my clients are not comfortable for whatever reason, this will project into their imagery. 

I discovered when questionning Cat about what I was thinking that she came to the photo session carrying with her some fresh pain. It is not however my business to go into it, but to simply let future clients that I am analysing their portraits carefully to ensure their best expressions are carried forward so you receive the best portraits you love. 

Cat and I began talking about what was on her mind. We decided to therefore focus on what brought her joy which was her daughter back home in Thailand. Cat, being 40, was also concerned her age was going to hinder her chances in modelling. 

Once we got talking about her daughter, there was a complete change in her demeaner and we were able to move forward with the shoot successfully with beautiful portraits being the results.

She was grateful I took the time to recognise something was amiss, and that I was flexible in working around her so she could rock the portraits as she did in order her daughter could have the portraits she loved of her mother also. 

Cat's modelling allowed me to produce the type of portraits that I loved to photograph which are portraits that are dramatic, but feminine. I loved photographing this lady and I know she has since gone from strength to strength. 

Cat's strength to turn up to a commitment despite carrying some deep fresh pain was nothing short of inspirational and true professionalism at its finest. It appears she is moving back to Thailand and Thai photographers should definitely be on the look out to work with Cat!

The dress is provided by LA Photography and available in studio sessions for dance portraits and more!