Maria's dance at the Eiffel Tower in Paris:

I have a confession to make. Until my Paris visit, I was not so easily taken by The Eiffel Tower as most people are. I think simply because of the number of times I see images of it. 

The Eiffel Tower however clearly has its reasons of why it attracts billions of tourists each year, and I think I discovered that reason. 

The day before my portrait sitting with Maria, I went to the Eiffel Tower to find out about the general set up of the area and scout for where I would do the portraits. At the time I was in August many places are closed so where I had access to one day I didn't necessarily have access to the next day. I therefore recommend if you were going to The Eiffel Tower to do so in July where everything is open. I found this unusual, but it was great to find out as I want to go back!

This will not stop you from city luxury brand shopping. Those shops are open in central Paris 24 hours around the clock!

As I was walking towards the direction of the Eiffel Tower all of a sudden I looked up to see it. I mean really see it. My head kept arching back to be able to take my eyes to the attention of the top of the tower and I felt intimidated. 

That was when I fell inlove with The Eiffel Tower. Nothing beats seeing it in person because no image on Facebook will truly show you just how big this magnificent architectural structure is. As you look up, a welcoming gentle breeze cools you. You hear the movement of the tree leaves and then..... The Eiffel Tower. Images of that you may have admired on the internet simply doesn't prepare you and I was truly intimidated by the sheer height and the detail of work that shows off its pure awesome strength. 

Whilst travelling in Europe, only two sights had me gasp at the amazing beauty that lay before me. The first was when I was at the base of the Alps in Austria. The second was when I saw The Eiffel Tower at night lit up in gold. It was truly breath taking. 

The Eiffel Tower alone is a Dream Destination for billions, which is why Maria and I decided to do a dance portrait sitting in front of the Tower. 

The following are the beautiful images of Maria's dance in front of The Eiffel Tower, where The French Army can be seen respectfully admiring Maria's dancing as they walked passed.

Heavily armed pedestrian's are not something I usually encounter, and it can be confronting to do so. They were very nice, honoured our privacy and their admiration for Maria's skills were obvious. 

Maria is actually a competing Russian contemporary dancer. She has competed at state level in Russia. What I admired about Maria is although she does not like ballet, she will use whatever means she needs to in order to strengthen her dance technique and finds ballet helps her to do this.