Pre Wedding Meetings


All wedding couples with LA Photography receive a complimentary wedding meeting. Why? I believe this is so important in my being able to provide my service to couples. See, to me this is one of the most important days of your life- and it is to you also. So, we want the day to run as smoothly as possible. By having a pre meeting at the venue to be, this allows me to assess the area I am shooting in. I can make decisions as to what equipment I will need to be and let couples know what I need from them on the day.


As well as this, I believe your wedding day is one of the most intimate days of your life and I think it is so important that you are comfortable with your photographer on such an occasion because it shines through if you are feeling relaxed and it is my job to help you be yourselves and determine what type of couple you are and therefore what type of photos we will have. 


Sometimes a pre wedding meeting is an eye opener for the couple which sparks ideas they may not have otherwise thought of. 


This is often where the grooms become a tad disappointed being told; "Yes we can be laid back however there is some organisation that needs to be done since you are investing in me to produce a certain level of photography". This is when the bride smiles as if to say; "I knew I was right- I knew we had to plan!" She smiles feeling relaxed knowing her professionals are taking her day seriously in their planning to produce the result that she wants. 


In these sessions we also take the time for family photos. This initiates the process of finding out what the couple wants and who they are as a couple. 


Below images: Mount Cootha. 


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