Complimentary Consultation


I look forward to welcoming you in our Southport studio!

The first step of the process is to have a complimentary Consultation. Whilst this can be done over Skype via video conference (free to download), I recommend these to be done in studio. 

With my wealth of experience especially from what past wedding clients have told me, I know in your minds this is what you believe you are doing: 

You are going from one photographer to another seeing prices ranging from free to thousands of dollars and all you want is the prices for what you think is the same products. 


If the photographers do have amazing products they are more than likely out of your price range and all you just want is a few photos and surely it's all the same thing?"

I assure you it's not. 


If you visit me at the studio for your complimentary Consultation you will be able to view and touch the products I have available and see more of my work and how it looks in various sizes of print from small to large. 

This is actually an important determinant of the quality of work by a photographer and reveals a hint in advance of how your end product should look.

Wouldn't you prefer to know this in advance instead of paying hundreds- thousands of dollars for something you don't know how it will look like?

You would be placing your trust in pure blind faith.


It's one thing to view images as a small thumb nail, but to see an image larger than a TV screen is where the true quality starts to reveal itself. 


By attending you will not be obliged to book me.

If you choose to book me we will begin planning your session in this complimentary Consultation.


This means if you decide you do not wish to choose me we will simply smile, shake hands and part ways- but at least you've been informed. 


You will feel guided.

I am so committed to quality that even if you don't choose me, I would rather tell you how to choose a reliable and professional photographer.

This is an important investment. 


It is easy to believe that "all photographers are the same" and "all photography products are the same" when this is far from true.

Please hear me when I repeat;

In the many wedding expos I have attended and past brides I have spoken to, this was their number one regret;

That they did not take more time in this decision because they believed all photographers were the same.


They quickly learnt not all photographers are the same. 


This is why although I no longer do wedding photography I am passionate about the Bridal Glamour I offer.

You will hopefully notice as you look through my website I have worked to make your decision for you as easy as possible by;

~ Introducing myself and my credentials on all pages so you don't need a great deal of effort to find out about me and what I do.

How many pages does it take for you to sometimes even find the name or location of the photographer?

~ I reveal a portion of my portfolio of all the genres I do.

~ I provide you with a variety of still and videos of sessions with the hope you will feel at home in our studio before you even arrive.

To book your complimentary Consultation or further enquiries

For bookings & enquiries please contact Laine at:


Phone: 0424 956 826