Step 1: You Got The Look with these colours!

We know some colours just don't go together: take red and pink, they clash. This is what we need to consider when having a portrait session- especially when it comes to outdoors. When outdoors, it is not just within our own wardrobe that we need to have colour coordinated. Are we blended in with our scenery? We want you to be in your session. So let's talk colours...... 


If the outdoor session is held in a park- the dominant colour is green. What colours would you wear with green and what colours would you avoid wearing with green? This is how we need to think of it in an on location session. For me personally, I would not wear orange with green- therefore, if I was having my own photo session in a park I would not wear orange. 


Prints are highly recommended against for the same reason. Prints are loud, busy and depending on their colour- may also clash colour wise with the environment. 


Neutral and plain colours are always recommended- but white is in a special category of its own. White contains all colours of the colour spectrum. White bounces, reflects and absorbs colour. It is for this reason it is used to reflect white in photography. 


If there is more than one of you, and one person chooses to wear white- then it is highly recommended those others in the images avoid wearing strong colours such as bright blue/ orange/ pink and so on. What happens is there will be bouncing of the coloured light, and those colours will be absorbed in the white the person is wearing. Therefore, if there is one person wearing white- please encourage all others to either all wear white, or very neutral colours such as black, brown or grey. 


Black is always a safe colour. It blends in with everything- and in fact if scenery colours is what you want then it will bring out those colours. Finally, black is slimming. I would only recommend against black if you are particular wanting a black background in your portrait session in the studio. 


I am here to help and we will discuss this more as we prepare for your portrait session.