Charlie The Fairy Princess:

The Fairy Princess Garden was established in memory of my sister who believed that Fairy Princess roamed the land and they were the most beautiful creatures on Earth. 

The role of The Fairy Princesses is extremely important who are protectors of the Fairies who protect Nature. 

Fairy Princesses are not Fairies but are in fact their Guardian's. They were dressed in the most elegant gowns and of course flower crowns from the Earth itself. 

My sister would force whoever she could to play her Fairy Princess game. We would have to join her in making their crowns which were composed of daisy chains. Her insistence was that Fairy Princesses MUST have their crowns!

The following are some images from Charlie's time spent in the Fairy Princess Garden and makeover. 

Charlie is an inspiring young 12 year old girl who already wants to establish her own Youtube channel with makeup tutorials following in the footsteps of her mother who just happens to be my fabulous makeup artist.