Charles Bridge Family portrait session in Prague with Aneta and her father, Milan:

As a photographer I have one mission: To photograph as many families globally or encourage as many families globally as I can about how invaluable family portraits are. In fact at LA Photography family portraits are so important you will not hear me say "family photo" but instead refer to them as heirlooms. 

Why? For me, "family photos" are my heirlooms as they are memories of both sets of my Grandparents, parents and sister. 

I never had professional Newborn photos of myself as a baby. My family only had two professional family portrait sittings that I could see from our photos. 

When my father passed, 2000 of the 5000 family photos were accidentally thrown out by our cleaner as dad had kept them in boxes similar to what was being thrown out to protect them from dust. My father had a great love of video and he kept a large collection of family videos which were all destroyed because the roof collapsed over his entertainment area during a random Melbourne (where I grew up) Summer storm. 

I am blessed that currently a family friend I have known since I was born has discovered he can revive his VHS videos of our holidays together and convert them to DVD. This means I get to see them again as if they were alive. He has excitedly told me he has 6 videos he can convert to me.

To say family portraits are invaluable here at LA Photography bearing that in mind is an understatement.

When you lose your family, photos are all you have left. When they or video are taken from you, your family are once again taken from you as you are deprived of enjoying those memories in the form of photos. 

The Charles Bridge is definitely one of Europe's most famous sites situated right in the heart of Prague, over looking the Vitava river. During the month of July where it is The Charles Bridge Carnival, you can expect the hustle and bustle with sounds ringing out loudly of a busy festive season. 

Along The Charles Bridge you can see baroque religious structures donating stories associated with the history of their faith. 

Aneta actually kindly responded to a promoted Facebook post I put out asking for a model to assist me in a styled Beauty shoot along The Charles Bridge. Following the beauty portrait sitting, Aneta kindly also agreed to me photographing her with her father, Milan who clearly cherishes his daughter. 

See additional images of Aneta and Milan in the below video;

Aneta and Milan