Bailey's Cake Smash:


1/ The first aspect to consider in CAKE SMASH sessions is your toddler's age. These are traditionally done when the toddler is about one years old. However, depending on whether or not your toddler is an extravert or an intravert, your toddler at one years old may not take to the cake. You may have to encourage your toddler along the way, and you may even need to do some CAKE SMASHING yourself.

See, since depending on when your bubs started to learn eat you have probably been teaching him or her for about 6 months that throwing and playing food is wrong. Finally they have learnt that and here we are encouraging them to play with their food and they just don't know how to react. 

Don't worry however, even if your little guy or girl is a bit shy to take to the cake we will have some cake fun happening. 

It simply means you have trained your child well to let them know that playing with food and throwing it around is wrong hehe :) I can only imagine the toddler looking up, laughing and saying; "Hehee mummy.... you're just joking to try and trick me and see what I will do aren't you?" 

2/ CAKE SMASH is messy. Very messy. I would suggest to come wearing your daggy baggy's because mummy is probably going to not only be doing some cake smashing herself, but mummy will also get very messy.

We have facilities for you both to get cleaned up in. I highly recommend a spare change of clean clothes for you both, and also towels for you both. 

3/ Consider what type of theme you would like to have. So far we have had the lolly shop theme that Bailey had and also FINDING DORY! 

Is there a cartoon theme that your child absolutely loves. Does your child love The Wiggles and would want a Wiggles theme? 

I work around the comfort of your child and bringing in as much as possible into this new environment that they love is going to mean they will feel more comfortable.

4/ ALL toddlers cry. Well, most. It's ok. It's part of this stage of their life. It's also the fact they are getting used to a new environment (my studio) and studio lighting (it can be quite warm under the spotlight).

Even the most successful photographers have babies crying. Many parents feel bad about this and there is no need to. We work around the comfort and joy of your child and their comfort comes first.