Should I have a brides man on my wedding day?

This was a question posted just now on a bridal site on Facebook. 


My answer in short is; "Why not?" 


I think what brides are really asking with any; "Should I do..... on my wedding day?" is what will people think? By asking others' opinions about how your wedding day should unfold and what should be included in it is taking away the fact it is your day. Your day, your way. Is it that important to you to have others approve of your decision to include one of your closest male friends in your bridal team or is it more important to you to have those closest to you celebrating your day by your side? I would suspect the second is. 


As we find ourselves entering 2016, we are moving beyond the traditional setting of weddings. However, obviously in some cultures and some church groups the traditional wedding for that group will be expected. Where this expectation is not imposed the great thing is you can create the wedding you desire. 


The main limitation may perhaps be how to dress your brides man and I would suggest incorporating the colours of the bridesmaids with a matching flower or handkerchief in his pocket. 


The same answer also applies to those wondering; "Should I have a red/ purple/ pink dress...." Yes. I have photographed women in different coloured dresses and not white. 


In order to do this, I would highly recommend taking the time to choose the right celebrant for you who will assist you in this process in making your day unique for you. 


Your day, your way.