Bridal Glamour


My name is Laine Allen.

I am a Multi International Award winning photographer.

I am also a fully Accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Photography. 

Covid has interrupted our lives in many ways. 

For brides & grooms to be it has meant either several cancellations or ongoing delays of wedding plans. 

This has motivated me to re- open my Bridal Glamour services to enable you to have stunning bridal images of yourself which you can use in several ways. 

What is Bridal Glamour & why choose Bridal Glamour?


Has Covid interrupted your wedding plans? Bridal Glamour would be perfect for you.


It means you can enjoy some wedding inspired images that you should and would have had if your wedding was not cancelled or delayed due to Covid. 

Although I loved wedding photography I no longer offer it. I much prefer offering Bridal Glamour sessions because it is a more intimate setting in which you can design the perfect Bridal images you would love to have for yourself. Your Fiancè can join in too!

Why past clients have had Bridal Glamour.

What other Brides have said are the advantages of Bridal Glamour.


When considering any type of portraiture the first question you need to consider is; "How do I wish to be photographed?"

There is no expiration following your wedding if you are married to enjoy a Bridal Glamour session. Some brides expressed the joy of having the opportunity to get their wedding dress out of their wardrobes!

If you are approaching your wedding, some couples have used the session to personalise items such as canvases with their portraits for their wedding guests to sign. 


One of the most difficult decisions to make in planning for your wedding is choosing your wedding photographer.

Brides have expressed regret to me for choosing cheap photographers thinking all photographers were the same. They didn't realise just like in most Industries what you pay for is a reflection of the quality you receive. 

Brides that I have spoken to have therefore confirmed the need for a service such as Bridal Glamour for this reason alone. 

You can't re- shoot a wedding. Bridal Glamour means you can invest in this service to ensure you have the Bridal images you had dreamed of. 

Perhaps the location or the weather also prevented you from having the Bridal portraits you would have loved to have had.

Enjoy a $1000 gift voucher- on me!


To be eligible for the $1000 gift voucher, the only payment upfront you need to make is $165.

*** This will be paid directly to my Makeup Artist- not me (please note the fee may change depending on the Makeup Artist chosen) ***

Your $1,000 voucher includes:

~ Your session fee of $350 is included and covered in the voucher. 

This means you have a balance of $650 to spend on prints or wall portraits!

In sessions with LA Photography, everything is done according to your choice.

You get to choose how you are photographed (in studio) and how you will use the balance of $650.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase additional portraits.


For bookings, payments & enquiries

For further enquiries about Bridal Glamour with LA Photography, email Laine here:

Bookings are not confirmed until payment is made- this will be done between yourself and the Makeup Artist. 

The process of Portraits with LA Photography

The process of all portraits at LA Photography is straight forward and fun. 

To learn about the process of all portraits click HERE where you will see behind the scene footage to see just how easy it is!