Blogs: The Fairy Princess Garden

The Fairy Princess Garden is a garden tucked away at the LA Photography studio that was established to honour the memory of my sister. It is now dressed in all things Fairy and magic.

When my sister was growing up, she firmly believed that Fairy Princesses existed and insisted they roamed the gardens of the world and were the most beautiful creatures of nature.

LA Photography believes in Fairies, but also believes only children can see them and bring out the magic that has been created in the garden so far. 

These shoots are only for girls, and only occur at the LA Photography studio. We begin from 4pm only to avoid the harsh light that the midday sun can bring due to the over exposed highlights and heavy shadows that can sometimes occur. We aim for that Golden Hour magic to happen. -

Scroll below to view the stunning dresses we use in these sessions. You see in these Fairy Princess Garden shoot we will transform your daughter into a real life Fairy Princess before your eyes. 

Should you be interested in booking a Fairy Princess Garden shoot please contact laine at:

The Fairy Princess Dresses:

In your daughters Fairy Princess session, they will be appropriately dressed as an elegant Fairy Princess. What I truly love about photographing these Fairy Princess sessions is once in the garden so far all girls have not only felt at home there, but they seem to take their role as  Fairy Princesses seriously.

The respect they show the garden is extraordinary and their sense of wonder and magic is fulfilled.


Maybe it's because of the makeover they receive fit for a Fairy Princess, once inside the garden they seem to genuinely believe they are in a Fairy garden and they are the Fairy Princesses there to protect the Fairies inside.