Styled bridal destination portraits at Big Ben: Angelica.

The clock ticks. For some we hear it so loudly we simply have to start living out our life dream of travel. In this case the clock ticking is a Big one- otherwise known as Big Ben which can be found at the Westminister tube station in London. 

The stunning lady I got to work with on this occasion was Angelica, who I have actually worked with before in New York in January of this year! It seems we under went the opposites. In the styled portrait sitting in January, Angelica rocked the cold snowy background of the blizzard that New York experienced that month. You can see her images from that session here. It just so happened Angelica was in London at the same time as I, working towards her acting career. 


In July however we experienced the complete opposite of a beautiful English Summer. 

Westminister should be considered to be extremely tourist dense, so therefore a planned Destination Photography session at Big Ben is best organised from 7.30am or additional public will most likely be in the backgrounds of your portraits by the time the makeover is complete (which takes a minimum of one hour). 


The video at the bottom of this Blog features live footage of the makeover by Izzy Brand under Big Ben.


How do you dream of being photographed?