Beauty Portraits

At LA Photography we are here to help you look your best in portraits.


Over the years I have learnt when you look good you feel good and this simple concept has become the foundation of my work.

Below are live videos showing just how easy having your portraits taken at LA Photography is;

1/ A professional makeover. 

2/ You will be styled to achieve the look you want with the stunning wardrobe at LA Photography. 

3/ Following your portrait session, you get to choose the images you love. 

Step 1: Makeover and styling

If you're like me you're more willing to be in a photo when you're feeling refreshed, in a great outfit and with makeup on. 

Here, your hair and makeup will be done by a professional makeup artist, you will have plenty of stunning outfits to choose from and your portrait will be taken professionally.

Step 2: Portraits

My promise to you is we will have you looking your best. Many of my clients have assumed all who appear on my website must be models because they look so beautiful, happy and confident in being photographed.

It's when they undergo the process themselves, they quickly realise the majority are every day women completely un- trained in posing or being in front of the camera. 

Sometimes it is this that makes them feel nervous seeing all of these "beautiful happy and confident" clients, but it's also often what makes them ready to stand in front of the camera themselves. 

Step 3: Preview & Ordering session

At LA Photography we only want you to have the images you love.

For those who wish to purchase larger orders payment plans are available. 

It can sometimes be overwhelming for clients when they come in and see themselves on the big screen.

My advice is to allow yourself up to 2 hours. Some clients choose their images within 10 minutes and I've had others stare at their images and prints for longer whilst they make this decision. 

The following video showing a few clients at their sessions will assure you just how relaxed this appointment will be. 


Every part of this experience is designed for your enjoyment. It's all about you.

Enquiries & Bookings

For further enquiries, bookings and pricing please contact Laine at:


Phone: 0424 956 826