About LA Photography:

My name is Laine Allen. Our studio is based in Southport on the Gold Coast.
I am a multi International award winning (see accolades below), fully Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.
I have been a professional photographer for 13 years and I specialise in family and beauty portraits (including head shots and personal branding). 
One day I woke up and all I had remaining of my family were my family portraits I had taken over the years thanks to my dad putting a camera in my hand at the age of 16.
I therefore know first hand the importance of portraits for our loved ones. We tell ourselves it's for us we're doing this for but I will tell you a secret- we are really doing this for them.
You are beginning the process of documenting the story of your family so future generations can get to know you.
The portraits we take will become some of the most sentimental and valuable items they own. 
As I know this from personal experience, it is the foundation of which I base my work.
In turn this drives my need to attain the highest quality of products available so your future generations can enjoy them. 
I have photographed almost every genre- portraits, family portraits, Newborn, weddings, live concert photography and events.
One simple need underlines all no matter the genre: The need to look our best and the services I provide will allow you to do just that.
At LA Photography you are pampered with a full service beginning with professional makeovers and are provided with a stunning wardrobe for all sizes.
Throughout the website, you will see live videos of what you can expect from a session with LA Photography.


In the International Photography Awards I received awards in the genres of Tourism & Travel and Nature: Landscapes

In the Portrait Masters Awards I have received awards in the genres of Family Portraits and Portraits. 

My live concert work has received awards with the A.I.P.P.