A new Mum's makeover

Roxxy rang me 7 weeks following giving birth to gorgeous Taylah. She explained she just wanted a few beautiful portraits of her baby girl- but not of herself. Why?


She had not too long ago given birth. She didn't exactly feel like getting in front of the camera. She was still shedding her pregnancy kilos and right now- simply wanted images of her beautiful baby girl.


For every new parent all they want is some beautiful portraits of their new beautiful baby to keep as prescious memories forever. I understood- but the following is why Roxy allowed me to convince her that she needed to get in front of the camera.


Firstly, my amazing professional makeup artist would have her look amazing and forget any concerns she may have regarding her appearance. When Roxy's makeover was finished, she was awed by the transformation and the first thing she said was; "I can't believe it is me". She was more than ready for that camera- and her awesome attitude shone through! The originally shy new mum to get in front of the camera was totally rocking the experience.


She was a new mum: she had not yet considered how valuable her portrait would one day be to her child in the future because mum's always think about their children, not about themselves. That's what make them the incredible and nurturing beings they are whom we love so much.


Secondly- I told her it's great she is telling me what she felt conscious about as I could work around that. As a trained photographer I know how to make appear people fatter, thinner, wider and all of the above- without Photoshop I mean.


Thirdly and most importantly- one day, just as she wants beautiful portraits of her baby girl, her baby girl would be wanting portraits of her mum. Children love you as they are. Let them love you by enjoying a beautiful portrait of you all to themselves. This is really all for them.


They may not be old enough now to want a portrait of you or to even appreciate the value of having a portrait of their parents. One day however, they will be asking you to be in front of the camera for them and with them. 

Roxxy's before.
Total pampering.