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Welcome to LA Photography. We are located in Southport on the Gold Coast.
Receive gift vouchers of $310 and NO session fees! Award winning photographer.

We specialise in family portraits and portraits for women.
Our promise is to have you looking your best in your portraits.
We are so confident in our ability to do this that 
our guarantee is NO session fees and NO minimum fees and you decide what you spend!

We re- open on the 21st July! 

My name is Laine and I have been a professional photographer for 13 years.


I am a Multi International Award winning published photographer. I am also a fully Accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. 

LA Photography specialises in various genres within family & beauty portraits.

I have photographed women, individuals and families around the world and I realise we all have one thing in common: The need to look our best.


The LA Photography studio specialises in family & beauty portaits

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Video Testimonials

Thank you for making me feel like a woman and not just a mom


Insight into the Studio


Mum's, let me show you who you are through the eyes of your children.

I will tell you a secret.

We tell ourselves family portraits are for us but really, they are for them.

In decades to come the portraits you create will be some of their most treasured items as they remember their family History.

New to LA Photography- Mastectomy portraits